Coat hanger book report

Furthermore, the drug causes a drastic drop in blood pressure, and women may hemorrhage as a result of misusing the drug for the purpose of abortion.

In my years in New York, several women arrived with a hanger still in place. Turn-of-theth-century birth control advocate Margaret Sanger wrote in her autobiography of a incident in which she was summoned to treat a woman who had nearly died from such an attempt.

Researchers believe that this may be due to the wide availability of misoprostol in Latin America [18]. Almost any implement you can imagine had been and was used to start an abortion — darning needles, crochet hooks, cut-glass salt shakers, soda bottles, sometimes intact, sometimes with the top broken off.

She was sentenced to 90 days in jail. Whoever put it in — perhaps the patient herself — found it trapped in the cervix and could not remove it She had induced abortion at roughly 16 weeks by ingesting misoprostol under the brand name Cytotec, an ulcer medication with abortifacient potential.

From to the number of total abortions including those supervised by medical personnel and those that were self-induced declined.

Later in the film he mentioned that potassium permanganate tablets were sometimes used. Receiving blows to the abdomen, whether self-inflicted or at the hands of another, can damage organs. In it, he stated, "Oil of tansy and oil of rue are much relied on by the laity for the production of abortion, and almost every day one may read of fatal results attending their use.

Oil of tansy in large doses is said to excite epileptiform convulsions; quite recently one of my colleagues met such a case in his practice. Many of the following methods present significant danger see below to the life or health of the woman: Mildred Hanson also described the use of potassium permanganate tablets in the documentary Voices of Choice: A study noted that many women who required hospitalization following self-induced abortion attempts were admitted under the pretext of having had a miscarriage or spontaneous abortion.

The tablets were inserted into the vagina where they caused a chemical burn so intense that a hole may be left in the tissue. However, abdominal massage abortion is traditionally practised in MyanmarThailandMalaysiathe Philippinesand Indonesia.

Mississippi classifies self-induced abortions as deaths which affect the public interest, requiring that physicians report them to the local medical examiner. Furthermore, the less dangerous methods — physical exertion, abdominal massage, and ingestion of relatively harmless substances thought to induce miscarriage — are less effective, and may result in the fetus developing birth defects.

Self-induced abortion

Almost every one of these deaths and disabilities could have been prevented through sexual education, family planning, and the provision of safe abortion services. Wade [23] made abortion more readily available throughout the U. However, not simply coat hangers were used.

The study suggested that the number of women dying as a result of self-induced abortions exceeded those resulting from abortions performed by another person.

An estimated twenty-five million unsafe abortions occur each year. History[ edit ] The practice of attempted self-induced abortion has long been recorded in the United States. David Reuben mentions that many African women use a carved wooden abortion stick to induce, which has often been handed down.

He stated that a common complication from such a procedure was that the object would puncture through the uterus and injure the intestines, and the women would subsequently die from peritonitis and infection.

In MayGabriela Flores — a year-old Mexican immigrant farm worker and mother of three living in Pelion, South Carolina — was charged under such a statute, which carried a maximum penalty of two years in prison. Women in India are reported to use the following to induce abortion: The familiar symbol of illegal abortion is the infamous "coat hanger" — which may be the symbol, but is in no way a myth.

Lifting of heavy weights; Consumption of dried henna powder; Consumption of carrot seed soup; [6] There are a number of narratives that have described self-induced abortions.

She said, "the women would bleed like crazy because it would just eat big holes in the vagina. Abortion pills, which began be used by women themselves in Brazil in the s, can prevent many of these deaths from unsafe abortion. Ingesting or douching with harmful substances can have poisonous results.Buy Umbra Sticks Multi Hook Coat Rack - Modern, Unique, Space-Saving Coat Hanger with 5 Flip-Down Hooks for Hanging Coats, Scarves, Purses and More, Black: Coat Hooks - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.

A self-induced abortion (or self-induced miscarriage) is an abortion performed by the pregnant woman herself or with the help of other, non-medical assistance.

Although the term includes abortions induced with legal over-the-counter medication, it also refers to efforts to terminate a pregnancy through alternative, sometimes more dangerous.

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Coat hanger book report
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