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The judgment should be based upon facts and the personal bias of the forecaster should not prevail upon the facts. These goods can be consumed a number of times or repeatedly used without much loss to their utility.

The company does this through synchronizing promotions for their products. I do not think it is safe to assume that iPhones will continue to alternate between major and minor upgrades. Therefore, even as the sales performance of the flagship iPhone 5S remained strong, Apple was losing potential buyers of its "cheaper" iPhones to "good enough" competitors.

This method is more useful in forecasting sales of new products. Apart from that, this method is less tedious and less costly. What About the iPad? Here, I have simply divided total historical iPhone sales on the four quarters and calculated the following seasonal factors: This is because these methods do not account for changing customer requirements, i.

The 6 and 6 Plus I consider a very significant release and give a factor of 1. My goal is to capture the main drivers of iPhone sales in one relatively simple model, namely: Version Factors When it comes to adjusting the model for the different versions of iPhones, things get more subjective.

This method has some exclusive advantages of saving time and other resources. Estimation of new demand as well as replacement demand is thus necessary. If the sample is the true representative, there is likely to be no significant difference in the results obtained by the survey.

The direction of this free hand curve—upward or downward— shows the trend. Secular trend refers to the long run changes that occur as a result of general tendency. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions.

Thus only the secular trend is left. I chose factors that both seemed reasonable to me and helped fit the model to the historical data. Mathematical and statistical techniques are essential in classifying relationships and providing techniques of analysis, but they are in no way an alternative for sound judgement.

It should be noted that all the historical data was used to create the model and the parameters were chosen so that the model would have a close fit with history. While the demand for a commodity is inversely related to its own price of its complements.

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This number seems reasonable to me and it allows the model to explain the historical trajectory quite well. Consumer durables are very much sensitive to price changes. If this is a good approximation of reality, Apple is significantly undervalued by the market and patient investors will likely be rewarded for keeping their heads.

It consists of projecting the demand for a new product as an outgrowth and evolution of an existing old product.

Assumptions in the forecast take into account guidance from Apple, historical ASPs and current trends in other product categories, as well as my unit sales model. It is one which provides information for tactical decisions.

I am not receiving compensation for it other than from Seeking Alpha. The structure of internal forecast includes forecast of annual sales, forecast of products cost, forecast of operating profit, forecast of taxable income, forecast of cash resources, forecast of the number of employees, etc.

iPhone Sales: The Failure of Traditional Forecasting Methods

It also is helpful to be able to easily quantify what happens when you change the parameters, such as replacement rates and the size of the market. With such little knowledge of future versions, I will use a neutral factor in the forecast.

Five years later, its impact was so huge that its latest recapitulation possibly would accomplish the astounding achievement of redeeming the US economy. This method presumes two conditions: For example, in the release of the iPhone 5 in August, the executives predicted that its sale would substantially influence the gross domestic product GDP in the US in the last quarter of the year.Demand for Apple’s new iPhone X exceeded initial supply within minutes of pre-orders opening on Friday for the hotly anticipated new device.

Apple started taking orders for the $ smartphone. Demand for additional channels of distribution to address differing segments of the market that Apple would like to reach.

Apple: Creating A Quantitative Model For iPhone Sales

FORECASTING--AN EVOLUTIONARY PROCESS In response to these demands, Apple has had to rethink the methodology of the forecast.

Jan 31,  · Apple Inc. reported quarterly revenue that topped analyst projections, fueled by demand for the company’s latest and priciest iPhones.

Apple said sales rose percent to $ billion, with. Untangling the Complexities of Demand Forecasting Whether facing a major product launch or compiling standard monthly forecasts, the accuracy of demand forecasts is crucial.

No one understands this as intimately as Apple, who is fresh off of its much-anticipated iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus product announcements.

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New Apple Demand Forecasting jobs added daily. Apple: Creating A Quantitative Model For iPhone Sales seasonality and the difference in demand that stems from the varying desirability of different iPhone models.

I'm forecasting a much.

Demand forecasting apple
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