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It is only producing more and more clerks.

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We have to develop our cottage industries. People who are suffering from the crisis of unemployment have to face various problems like physical and mental harassment and depression, social abuse, forced to choose or accept the wrong way of getting money in form of crime and violence, or sometime the hazardous results come in the form of suicide commitment by people due to being unemployed.

The result is widespread dissatisfaction. The second phase of this problem is industrial unemployment.

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We should make the young men understand that all kinds of work are good. This shows what difference can be made if the population increase is somehow slowed down.

I will recommend your service to my friends The virus of unemployment is creating more panic and sense of insecurity than any other virus of the most deadly disease. Effects and Results of unemployment: The surplus agricultural labor seeks employment in urban centers.

A closer look at the LFS data of the two years provides some interesting insights: Even a graduate with first class is unable to find any job in any offices or schools.

The government is not wholly responsible for unemployment. I have only entered to university. Issue of English essay unemployment in pakistan affects especially those youth population of country who has completed their education from higher education colleges or institutes after spending a huge amount of money but could not be able to get a suitable job for them.

Because unemployment insurance in the U. Our schools and technical institutes do not equip the students properly to suit the market demands. A part of this increase in labor force is attributed to a relatively higher participation level in FY As a result of these measures our industries would flourish and employ more skilled and unskilled workers in order to meet the growing demand of the public for their products.

Our syllabus generally does not match the requirement of the time. Pakistan is facing this problem with all its severity. But a lot more needs to be done, and this can be done by decreasing the exponential increase in population.

Here the date are given only to refer to in the coming chapter s. Corruption, dishonesty, sin, crime and vices of all kinds are the natural outcome of unemployment.

Improve efficiency of manufacturing sector by tariff reduction and rationalization to ensure competitiveness in local and foreign markets.

But as time went on a few major problems started taking heavy toll. Level playing field for demestic and foreign investors and small and large scale producers. Due to mental stress people came in to position of depression.

How to recover from this problem: Unemployment has now become such a dangerous economic. The highest number of new jobs — 1. Many members of the family working in association can generate handsome sources.

Increased population, recession in individual business sector, less number of jobs, corruption and competition among youths are the main reason of unemployment. Mechanization of Agriculture and Automation in Manufacturing Due to increased use of machinery in agriculture, rural population is getting unemployed.

Unemployment Essay 5 words India is a developing country and many social issues or problems are still becoming the reason of non development of our country, Unemployment is one of them which are one of the biggest crises in India.

Therefore, poverty is a great danger to the state. In certain seasons, for want of subsidiary, occupation to keep them engaged in other fields of activity, agriculturalists have to remain idle.

In the final conclusion, education for its own sake it not desirable.

Unemployment in Pakistan

Long Essay on Unemployment In this category, three essays are given with and words count and having detailed information about this burning issue of Unemployment in India.

Lack of interest of people towards agricultural and industrial sectors lead the situation of unemployment. About 80 percent of educational institutions are under the government. Various causes are existed behind the failure of a person in getting a better job for him or her like: Difference between unemployment and Underemployment:Essay On Unemployment In Pakistan Causes, Solution, The problem of unemployment on a vast scale, is a world phenomenon.

It is not confined to Pakistan or developing countries along but certainly it is more serious and pronounced in developing and under developing countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America. unemployment in pakistan essay Problem in its war against terrorism in pakistan this sort the media is likely essay about describing a new.

Friends of rural unemployment conclusion paragraph can i. A comparison of unemployment trends in rural and urban areas exhibits that unemployment rates in rural areas declined more rapidly than that in urban areas (see Tables 1).

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However, the rural unemployment rates increased in both Sindh and Balochistan, while the urban unemployment rate only increased in Sindh. Unemployment Essay 5 ( words) India is a developing country and many social issues or problems are still becoming the reason of non development of our country, Unemployment is one of them which are one of the biggest crises in India.

Unemployment is a massive social issue in Pakistan which threatens to disrupt the national social fabric of country. It is a major cause of other social problems like poverty, illiteracy, street crime etc. Read: Importance of Education – Short English Essay. In Pakistan, this problem is more acute than in western countries.

Perhaps we have a larger army of the unemployed young men than the actual army of the country. Generally, the graph of unemployment keeps on changing according to the industrial and economic development of a country.

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English essay unemployment in pakistan
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