Essay on importance of voting in india

They stamp the symbol of their choice and put the paper in the ballot boxes. It helps in preventing any kind of electoral fraud as well. If we do not cast our vote, corrupt officials might choose to impersonate our votes illegally.

Voting: Its Meaning and Importance

Check it in less than 3 minutes! You will be issued a Voter ID which you need to present at the polling booth. Another reason voting is important is that this process makes sure that the citizens of the country are also involved in forming the government.

Thus, to ensure that the government functions for the people, it is elected by the people. The responsibility lies on the citizen to be aware of who is standing for elections.

Voting is important because: The methodology of election is through universal adult suffrage, whereby every citizen of India over 18 years of age is an eligible voter in the eyes of the Constitution. How nervous they feel, then! The importance of voting is lost amongst the hustle and bustle of city life.

It has been a tendency among voters, especially in the urban areas, to treat the voting day as a day of rest. The voting power is a great power, which is bestowed upon citizens of a democratic country. Therefore, make sure that you exercise your right of vote. Refraining from doing so can result in the same party, or a worse one, being elected for the next five years.

Voting gives voice to every citizen and makes them an important asset of a country. What is the importance of voting? Therefore, the members of the Rajya Sabha are indirectly elected by the people.

517 Words Essay on value of our vote in a democratic nation

The members are elected by the elected members of the State Legislative Assemblies, and the Electoral college of the Union Territories. India is a democratic nation whose strength lies in the quality of its citizens.

Bad boys care for their examination only when it comes too near. Members of the Lok Sabha are elected through general elections. The citizens have to know what they should expect from their elected representations. But unfortunately our country lacks these types of leaders or politicians.

Importance of Voting in India

This is true of elections, too. India is a democracy with an asymmetric federal government. However, that also makes it optional. This works as a self-corrective system whereby political parties review their performance and try to appease the voters.

By exercising their right to vote, citizens demonstrate their respect for the history of the country. They move from door to door. So, election in a democratic country like India is of utmost importance. By casting their vote, citizens may not necessarily be able to get the best candidate elected—politics being what it is—but by avoiding casting their vote they improve the chances of the unsuitable ones winning the polls.

Essay on Election and Voting in Indian Democracy

Elections in India are also a platform for the public to voice their resentment against a ruling party.Voting is of prime importance in India and while there are people who genuinely want to bring a good government to rule there are many other who just want to sit back and relax.

Importance of voting Elections form the bedrock of the largest democracy in the world – India. Since Independence, as many as 15 Lok Sabhas have been formed through elections, the.

Essay on Voting in India and Its Importance. Voting is of prime importance in India and while there are people who genuinely want to bring a Essay on Election In India and Its Importance.

Essays Santosh Kumar • May 8, • No Comments • Election means to elect or select someone and in regards to Election in India, it means. Free sample essay on Elections in India. Elections are very important in democracy.

In fact, it is a big festival in democracy. It is through elections that people participate in the formation of government. They become participant in decision making through elections.

Elections are held after a. The importance of voting need to be realized by every citizen, so that they ritually follow their responsibilities towards their country. Importance of Voting Human right: Voting right is a basic human right for all citizens living in a democratic nation.

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Essay on importance of voting in india
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