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On a more personal level, the Lovers card represents the establishment of a personal belief system and getting clear about your values.

The Lovers reversed can also indicate inner conflicts and being at war with yourself rather than with external forces. Not all decisions are going to be easy either. Honour yourself and do what is best for you both.

This is a time when you are figuring out what you stand for and your personal philosophy on life. If your relationship continues to be peppered by arguments and a lack of respect for one another, then it may be time to let go.

Choice about who you want to be in this lifetime. You may feel like you have found your soul mate or life partner, and the sexual energy between you both goes way beyond instant gratification and lust, to Lovers love that is very spiritual and almost Tantric.

Love for yourself, love for others and love for the Universe. In addition, you may need to return to the energy of the Hierophant and seek the counsel and advice of an institution or spiritual mentor.

You may find your relationships are strained and communication is challenging. If this is the case, come back to the reason why you have this person in your life. In other cases, you may realise that you have simply grown apart from your loved one and it is time to move on.

The Lovers is also a card of open communication and raw honesty. The reversed Lovers also speaks to self-love and respect. It suggests disharmony and difficulty in being able to balance your inner union.

Lovers love to love

If you feel unconditional love towards this person, know that this time shall pass and the best you can do is bring love and compassion to the situation. Perhaps you are punishing yourself for something you have done or feel responsible for? Given that the man and woman are naked, they are both willing to be in their most vulnerable states and have learned to open their heart to one another to share their truest feelings.

Realise that if you can see these qualities in other people, you inevitably have them within you. Now, more than ever, you must choose love.

Your personal value system is being challenged and you are being called to take the higher path, even if it is the most difficult or demanding. Be mindful, too, if you are looking at other people and wishing you were more like them.

To make good choices, you need to be clear about your personal beliefs and values — and stay true to them. While the Lovers card typically refers to a romantic relationship, it can also represent a close friendship or family relationship where there is a beautiful flow of love, respect and compassion.

In a reading, this card is a sign that by communicating openly and honestly with those you care about, you will create a harmonious and fulfilling relationship that is built on trust and respect.

This will help to guide you in making better decisions next time.


The Lovers reversed may also reflect that the feelings within a relationship are not mutual. It may feel as Lovers love you are just not on the same page and you do not share the same values anymore.

Do not make a decision based on fear or worry or guilt or shame. One person in the partnership may have stronger feelings than the other and may be more emotionally involved.

You may think you can get away with it, but the reversed Lovers implores you to think again and instead choose the path that is most in alignment with your Highest Good, no matter tough it might be. The appearance of this card in a Tarot reading shows that you have a beautiful, soul-honoring connection with a loved one.

Harmony and peace comes only when you accept duality, and in doing so, you create unity, from which love flows.

The appearance of the Lovers card is often a sign that you are facing a moral dilemma and you must consider all consequences before taking action. Choice about how you interact with others and on what level.

When you choose love, you choose the best version of yourself. Having gone through the indoctrination of the Hierophant, you are now ready to establish your belief system and make up your mind about what is and what is not important in life. You may be reluctant to open your heart up to the relationship for fear of getting hurt.

They create the container in which trust and confidence in one another can emerge, and this makes for a very strong bond between the two. Lovers love the heart of it, the Lovers is about choice. To help you out of this situation, you will need to focus on clearly articulating your personal belief systems and values.

Make your decision based on love. This could lead to disappointments later down the track and feelings of insecurity about the relationship. To what extent do you truly honour and accept who you are and the value you have to offer in this world?Down to earth husband and wife wedding photographers specializing in fun & honest images.

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Lovers Tarot Card Meanings

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