Managing change due to downsizing and

These are complex challenges that need creative and humane approaches and this is where the personality of the HR manager comes into question since he or she must be responsible and balance the competing needs of the employee and the organization.

What managers must realize is that employees are very perceptive. Ensuring that there is clear expression of the reasons for change, and helping the sponsor communicate this.

Whatever be the reason, downsizing is a painful process for both the employees and the organization and more for the former. An employer will then have to give the employees time to adjust to the news, then there can be a phase of addressing any issues face to face, calming any nerves with honesty, information and head-on addressing of the issue.

Feelings of trust and a strong team dynamic may be shattered by layoffs. However, in this new world of globalization, recession, and ever changing industry, employees must know that change will be constant and never ending.

Again, the range of possible activities is broad. A manager could use analogies also to explain downsizing in a more practical manner that employees can better understand and accept- something that will make more sense.

What Happens During Downsizing & How Organizations Can Manage The Experience

They therefore had to retain some employees in a reduced operation and, at the same time, it was essential that they managed the transfer of others to another plant.

Therefore, the Human Resources Function must handle downsizing with utmost care and caution and with sensitivity. Also consider how downsizing will affect the company in the longer term. Nowhere is this shift more evident than in the trend toward downsizing that began in the s according to the "Ivey Business Journal.

They may need to take on other roles and responsibilities in order to keep the organization functioning effectively despite fewer staff members. He recommends subjecting all documents and recommendations to attorney review.

Counselling and training people for displacement and determining the appropriate separation packages will take time and effort. A downsize is a strategic business transformation that impacts the entire organization During a downsize the planning process predominantly focuses on those employees who will face redundancy, or job role changes, and ensuring fair and equitable management of the situation.

Coming from this, the activities involved in managing change can include: However, the type of change that a manager must face in downsizing and outsourcing are those that deeply affect employee psyche because en employee will feel as if their job is at risk and their entire work performance may suffer because of this ongoing fear.

Change Management

Get Access Managing Change Due to Downsizing and Outsourcing Essay Sample Among the most aggravating sources of integration problems in American companies are issues employees have with change in companies. All of these changes, if implemented appropriately, can make managing changes in downsizing and outsourcing an effective and necessary way to handle employee stress and concern, and assure the company that their employees will continue to deliver quality work in an efficient manner.

It is usually the case that the employee is called to a meeting with his or her immediate manager and the HR manager along with additional people depending on the rank and the role of the employee. The manager should tell the employees the reasons that the changes are occurring and why they are necessary.

Defining the re-training plan? In my experience many organisations are not very good at managing the total communication process, often the reasons for downsizing or facility closure are not clearly communicated to the employees affected which stimulates a higher level of resistance to change.

Throughout the management of these organisational changes, plant performance must be managed to ensure the continuity of output from the company. It is the fact that if layoffs are being announced or there are rumours circulating about them, many employees start to feel jittery and begin looking out for other jobs.

Lack of Communication might Lead to Good Employees Leaving as Well Now, let us see how downsizing can also lead to exceptional employees leaving the company in case the organization does not handle the process well. More essays like this: She has devoted more than fifteen years to researching the impact that generational differences have on organizational performance.

There are other reasons as well which include the shuttering or the closing of the organization. However, the reality is that very few companies follow the law because in gloomy economic conditions, even the government which is eager to please the businesses does not really enforce the laws.

The employees do not see a threat to their jobs in this scenario; they simply may be angry or upset because they want to do things the old way or are intolerant to change.

Managing Downsizing in Organizations

Leaders should make every effort to speak with each employee individually and let him or her know that they are valued within the organization. People need support during change. These concerns can lead to high levels of stress, increased conflict between team members and even employees leaving the organization to look for opportunities elsewhere.

It is important to go beyond the numbers, beyond the facts, and look at the change in terms of people. Transparent and trustworthy; your employees will see right through an attempt at smoke and mirrors. An employee could lose motivation and begin to wonder why they are working so hard.

After all, not only will many people miss their co-workers who are now gone, but they may also fear that another round of downsizing could be coming in the future and they may worry that they might be next. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

There will be a period of transition where the organization will not be as productive as it once was. Change management focuses on people, and is about ensuring change is thoroughly, smoothly and lastingly implemented. The change in question could range from a simple process change, to major changes in policy or strategy needed if the organization is to achieve its potential.

Manage a downsize by addressing three levels of change and supporting the people within your organization Downsizing can be a very hard change to manage without experiencing loss of motivation, productivity and unwanted turnover.Managing the Process Although initial downsizing announcements should come from the top, and HR may need to insist that it does, it's up to HR to keep employees in the loop.

Aug 22,  · A new study shows that downsizing often prompts demoralized survivors to quit, which hinders efficiency and costs companies money. Managing.

Managing Change Due to Downsizing and Outsourcing Essay Sample

Managing Downsizing in Organizations What is Downsizing? Downsizing or layoffs is the term used to refer to the practice of firing employees for various reasons in organizations.

Keiser University Managing Change due to Downsizing and Outsourcing Among the most aggravating sources of integration problems in American companies are issues employees have with change in companies.

Managing change is an important aspect of every manager’s job, and it. Managing change means managing your employees' fear. Change is natural and good, but people's reaction to change is unpredictable.

Here's how to go about it gently. Managing Downsizing: Key Considerations essential to inform employees why the plant to be closed or downsized has been chosen for such types of organisational change.

In my experience many organisations are not very good at managing the total communication process, often the reasons for downsizing or facility closure are not clearly.

Managing change due to downsizing and
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