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Their marriage had virtually ended byand they divorced in Nor did my first five novels rouse the slightest whispers: Lewis took a daring stand, and his work brought about the deconstruction of the myth regarding small-town America.

Sinclair Lewis

He had two siblings, Fred born and Claude born The son of a country doctor, from a family of three boys, he grew up introverted and intelligent in this town with a population of 2, most of which was Swedish and Norwegian. For the next two years, Lewis worked as an editor and advertising manager at the George H.

His final novel World So Wide was published posthumously. Both of these focused on its setting: The name Babbitt passed into general usage to represent the optimistic, self-congratulatory, middle-aged businessman whose horizons were bounded by his village limits.

My first marriage, to Grace Hegger, in New York, inhad been dissolved. He left Madison the next day. I was born in a prairie village in that most Scandinavian part of America, Minnesota, the son of a country doctor, in Doubtless this shows the advantages of a university education, and it was further shown when at the age of twenty-five I managed to get a position in a New York publishing house at all of fifteen dollars a week.

But the fact is that while most of our few giants are excluded, the Academy does have room to include three extraordinarily bad poets, two very melodramatic and insignificant playwrights, two gentlemen who are known only because they are university presidents, a man who was thirty years ago known as a rather clever humorous draftsman, and several gentlemen of whom -- I sadly confess my ignorance -- I have never heard.

His first four novels were all unsuccessful.

Sinclair Lewis Biography

That, however, would be a typical error of biography. The Innocents was rejected by the Saturday Evening Post as being too sentimental. World War II sidetracked those plans until Yet his impact on modern American life She recognizes, as Lewis does, that there is nothing phenomenal about these few rows of houses in particular, nothing extraordinary in this town over any of the others that are sprinkled throughout the plains of Minnesota — or anywhere else in the mid-west.

Main Street opens with this passage that shows exactly what Lewis was known for in his writing. United States History Sinclair Lewis Sinclair Lewis was an American novelist and playwright, best known as the first American to win the Nobel Prize in Literature for his satirical and critical, yet often sympathetic views of middle—class American life in the s.

Lewis followed up this first great success with Babbitta novel that satirized the American commercial culture and boosterism. Lewis continued his success in the s The life and works of sinclair lewis Arrowsmitha novel about the challenges faced by an idealistic doctor.

Main Street, published late inwas my first novel to rouse the embattled peasantry and, as I have already hinted, it had really a success of scandal. His reputation declined steadily after The story was set in the fictional Midwestern town of Zenith, Winnemaca setting to which Lewis returned in future novels, including Gideon Planish and Dodsworth.

Other writers, such as Edgar Lee Masters and Sherwood Anderson, had already begun the revolt from the village by showing that all was not sweetness and light in the Spoon Rivers and Winesburgs of the Midwest.

More important, it crystallized a new attitude toward small-town America. That same year also saw the publication of another potboiler, The Innocents: Through his novels, Sinclair expressed his views on such topics as narrow minds in small towns and insincere preachers. In his spare time he wrote, and after producing five novels, all of which went unnoticed, he became a household name with Main Street in late Babbitt yearns to escape his stultifying world.

Letter, Regarding Fascism When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross. If you would get over two ideas — first that any one who criticizes you is an evil and capitalist-controlled spy, and second that you have only to spend a few weeks on any subject to become a master of it — you might yet regain your now totally lost position as the leader of American socialistic journalism.

The first American to win the Nobel Prize for Literature, Lewis at once painstakingly depicted and satirized previously neglected areas of middle-American life. After some two months, he abruptly left Helicon Hall. Sondelius is the favorite among all my characters.

Sinclair Lewis Biography New York: Lewis, however, immediately refused the honor because the terms of the award required that it be given not for a work of value, but for a work that presents "the wholesome atmosphere of American Life.

He acheived this honor "for his vigorous and graphic art of description and his ability to create, with wit and humour, new types of characters.

Though much of his time was spent abroad, he continued to write about the people and towns of his homeland. Off-site search results for "Sinclair Lewis"Sinclair Lewis was the first American writer to win the Nobel Prize in Literature.

Check out this biography to know about her childhood, life, achievements, works & Of Birth: Sauk Centre. Early life Harry Sinclair Lewis was born in Sauk Centre, Minnesota, on February 7,the third son of Edwin J.

Lewis and Emma Kermott Lewis. His father, grandfather, and older brother were all small-town doctors. Lewis Died: Jan 10, Biographical note on Sinclair Lewis. Sinclair Lewis () continued to be a prolific writer, but none of his later writings equalled the success or stature of his chiefworks of the twenties.

After his divorce from his second wife in. Watch video · Sinclair Lewis Biography Author, Journalist (–) Sinclair Lewis was a journalist and Nobel Prize winning novelist known for 20th century works like Born: Feb 07, Sinclair Lewis (February 7, - January 10, ) was an American novelist and playwright.

Born Harry Sinclair Lewis in Sauk Centre, Minnesota, he began reading books at a young age and kept a diary. A dreamer, at age 13 he unsuccessfully ran away from home, wanting to become a drummer boy in the Spanish-American War. Sinclair Lewis. The Life of Sinclair Lewis.

Born inin Sauk Centre, Minnesota, Henry Sinclair Lewis became the first American novelist to win the Nobel Prize for Literature.

The life and works of sinclair lewis
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