The new acca professional qualification syllabus

Existing students transferring to the new syllabus are recommended to complete the Ethics module, The new acca professional qualification syllabus it is not compulsory. From 1 Januaryyou will have to complete an annual return previously students sent one return at the end of the three years.

Click here to access the online exam conversion tool Professional Ethics module New! The module is not graded but is a requirement for all students who register with ACCA after 1 January If both Paper 2. Students are granted access to the Ethics module as soon as they are eligible to take P1 Professional Accountant.

ACCA Syllabus

No student will be disadvantaged by the transition arrangements or will have to repeat work experience already achieved. There are nine compulsory essential objectives, and eleven optional objectives, of which you have to complete four. The objectives relate to the topics covered in exam papers.

The module can be taken whenever wanted, but the ACCA recommends that it is best taken at the same time as, or before, sitting the P1 Professional Accountant paper. You will have performance objective criteria to complete, which is checked and signed off by your manager workplace mentor.

Under the new syllabus exemption is given for F5 Performance Management even though students will not have done the studies for it. Students who have passed Paper 3.

They can take on the role of an Auditor or a Corporate Financial Accountant and review an audit situation. It might therefore be better to choose P4 as an option paper in preference to P5.

While completion of the online Professional Ethics module will not be mandatory for existing students converting to the new qualification, they will be encouraged to complete the module For students transferring from the current syllabus we would make the following points: Your PER should take a minimum of 3 years to complete.

Whereas conversion to the new exam syllabus happens automatically for active students in mid-Auguststudents and affiliates will need to transfer any competences they have achieved under the current STR to the new system. Conversion details If you are already registered with ACCA, you do not need to register again All existing exam results will be converted by ACCA in August when you will be notified of the papers that you will need to complete For most papers, there is a direct transition between the new and current syllabus All existing students and affiliates will be required to transfer to the new practical experience requirements by 31 December It is an online training module, exposing students to ethical scenarios which they will test themselves on.

It must be completed by a student before applying for membership.Strategic Professional With Strategic Professional, we’re setting a new standard by fully integrating deep, broad and relevant technical expertise with ethics and professional skills.

Because every element has a real-world focus, you’ll be prepared to handle the challenges you’ll face in the workplace. Conversion to New ACCA Qualification. Accountancy is a dynamic profession. Both the needs of employers and the regulatory landscape are constantly evolving.

ACCA in – The New Qualification. New P2 will have the same syllabus and structure as the existing P2 exam. No change to the Options Exams.

The changes will start to be introduced from October with the introduction of the new Ethics and Professional Skills module. The ACCA Qualification includes the world’s first Master’s degree integrated with a professional accountancy qualification.

Delivered in partnership with the University of London, students can follow the Master’s route while completing their Strategic Professional exams or acquire the Master’s degree post-ACCA Qualification. With regard to the ACCA Qualification Skills module (exams F4, F5, F6 (UK), F7, F8 and F9) there are some amendments to exam formats and syllabus updates from September to announce.

ACCA are also phasing in computer-based exams (CBE) for the Skills module exams (F4 to F9) from September Also check with old ACCA Papers and syllabus. As per the ACCA official the strategic professional is the new change introduced to make.

The new acca professional qualification syllabus
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