The political and economic effects of religious intolerance in nigeria

It implies therefore, that Christians should not expect to hold political offices in the North. Subscribe to watch new videos. This should not be construed to imply acceptance of Christianity in the North, but a political appreciation of the needs of the North and the vital role that Christians must play in its development.

You -- and they -- are wrong.

Religious Tolerance in Nigeria: A View From the North

There have been deaths in mosques. In the past month, fear has led many to warn and believe that Nigeria is on the brink of a religious war. It would be unfair to claim that the effort was an exercise in futility. After passing the resolution, it remains another mystery, how President Olusegun Obasanjo, himself a Christian, managed to persuade Bishop Akinola to rescind the decision.

Within the ranks of Christendom in Nigeria, many splinter groups have been known to emerge from minor doctrinal disputes, leading to the nascence of several denominations. Closing the Divide With the perennial religious riots having a noticeable adverse effect on the socio - cultural, and economic status of the North, CAN in Kaduna state initiated a broad based Committee to look into issues affecting both Christians and Muslims in the state.

Why is the Federal Government so neck-deep in religious activities that they have not been able to use it as a unifying factor for Nigeria? The major objective of the Committee is to monitor the pulse of adherents of both religions and quickly nip any brewing religious crisis in the bud.

Nonetheless, I allude to the fact that the ethics of each religion demand love, peace, justice, and tolerance of other people and religions. As a matter of fact, tolerance is an abstract thing that is difficult to define.

The Genesis Details Published: Because it strives to preserve the obedience of its adherents, and sometimes to provoke their will to revolt, it is a powerful instrument for good and for bad. A View From the North By Margee Ensign If you think the title of this article is "religious intolerance" in Nigeria then you have been swayed by recent stories from the international media.

DISCOVER NIGERIA: 5 Causes of Conflict in Nigeria

It was a pilot project, and if it had succeeded in Kaduna State, it would have become a roadmap for all the other states in the North. As a result of that incident, Rev Bako relocated from Nigeria to Ghana, where he has been since then.

Under Islam, both are the same. With the establishment of terrorist camps unhindered in the North, an army of indoctrinated and trained Islamic fundamentalists was gradually raised to unleash violence and destruction on Christians in the region.

In the end, I think that conflict is good. Nigeria has many problems. I wish Karl Marx were alive today to see the gradual ascendancy of religion from the opium level to a more lethal pedestal, especially in Nigeria.

Taking political power from the North is tantamount to seizing the economic jugular of the region. In part, this severe purging of people prematurely from the civil service was one of the factors that fueled corruption in Nigeria.

Opinion: Religious intolerance in Nigeria

Bishop Kukah, a leading Catholic Bishop and intellectual has been gathering information on these recent killings. Pick up the book and get details to clear your doubts. Having become displeased with the political class and the growing dysfunctionality of tribal politics, a group of five military officers mostly Easterners struck on 15 January This is one example of double speak by Christian leaders in the country that has consistently placed Christians at the vulnerable end of religious crisis in the nation.

Content Conflict according to Merriam Webster is a strong disagreement between two individuals or groups. Christians have also been known to instigate attacks particularly in Jos, which has won the reputation for bloody conflict between both religions since the early s.

It goes round and round in circles, endless, inconclusive, and frustrating. Access to high quality education and health care is very limited -- especially in the north. Many of the Christian officers from the North in the armed forces were retired, while a number were killed. The nation should be able to know how many people are Christians, how many are Muslims, and how many are traditionalists.

With the emergence of religious riots in Nigeria, which rose sharply in the s, and it is still continues till today,could one possibly assume that Nigeria is ready to take its dose of suicide, as a result of the use of religion mainly in the political process?

To the credit of the Sardauna, despite vigorously pushing Islam into positions of power and prominence in the North, he gave an open door to qualified Christians to operate and hold significant offices during his tenure as the premier.

The underlying factors for much of the religious crisis in the North are political and economic — religion seems to be a tool to achieve political and economic objectives. It tells us we have a different view to life, faith and love for our country. We identified some of the root causes of violence and distrust:Atiku urges Nigerians to conquer hate, political intolerance.


Atiku urges Nigerians to conquer hate, political intolerance. By CybokNews On Sep 22, he is saddened by the “deepening frenzy of hate, intolerance and bigotry”, which produce toxic effects on. The roots of Nigeria's religious and ethnic conflict. Nigeria have been drawn into these religious conflicts, with their members in Northern Nigerian cities frequently targeted by Muslim mobs.

POLITICAL VIOLENCE IN NIGERIA: PHILOSOPHICAL APPRAISAL By Michael Egbuta Ukah, (Ph.D) political intolerance and corruption –these are really veritable tools racial, ethnic, religious, majority nor minority political commands; etc.

Religious Tolerance in Nigeria: A View From the North By Margee Ensign If you think the title of this article is "religious intolerance" in Nigeria then you have been swayed by recent stories from.

Editor's note: Nigeria has been riddled religious conflict for a very long time which has threatened to tear the fabric of the country’s unity.

In this opinion by Abdulganiy Abdullah, he highlights some of the causes of religious conflict in the country and advocates for tolerance in order to foster peace. "The effect of Religion on the Political process: The Case of the Federal Sharia Court of Appeal Solutions to the ethno-religious political conflict in Nigeria are needed for uniting the country.

It was believed that the bank would be able to bail out Nigeria from its economic woes through the interest-free loans. The OIC was capable of.

The political and economic effects of religious intolerance in nigeria
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