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Has required a great deal of supervising resources to bring the work to an acceptable form. Due to the breadth of the field and its impact on society, the topics of theses range over many different themes; lately, thesis topics have included e.

The language is exact. Knowledge of the research field and related theories as well as use of literature Being familiar with relevant research and literature Defining a research perspective and concepts relevant to the problem discussed Using a wide range of source literature Using source criticism and original scientific sources Analytically examining perspectives presented in the source literature and creating syntheses The work shows significant shortcomings in the knowledge of the research area.

The work has typically followed the allocated timetable. The work has progressed at a good speed the whole time. The findings have mainly been reported in a clear and logical way.

Process We have introduced Computer Science Colloquium to guide you in the thesis process. The reporting of findings and use of pictures, tables, and drawings is well considered and apt. The following matrix describes typical properties under the subcategories to be evaluated see further down for the matrix on 40 cr theses.

Suitable time to present the work is negotiated with the supervisor. Research topic and purpose Justifying the research topic and its significance Showing insight in the selection and definition of the topic Defining a clear research question and objective, research problem or theme Considering research ethics The research problem has not been explained or motivated clearly.

Clear and well argued pictures. The work shows that the writer has some concept of reporting research findings, but clear shortcomings in communicating them.

The use of pictures and tables is well justified. The writer has understood the phenomena correctly and included their own input and evaluation. Advanced studies in computer science CSM -Is the course available to students from other degree programmes? The research methods and data are suitable for the problem, and their choice well argued.

The writer has divided the text into logical parts, but the parts are imbalanced. To apply, you should have at least 4.

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We have a few grants per year, and the criteria will be adjusted based on level of applications.The advanced module in the Master of Science degree includes a thesis (30 cr), with which students show their ability for scientific thinking, grasp of research methods, in-depth knowledge of the thesis topic, and their aptitude for scientific written communication as practiced in the scientific community.

During the second year, you will write a master´s thesis (30 credits), an independent research project. Your research and writing will be supported by regular research seminar meetings.

You will agree on the topic of your thesis with your thesis supervisor. A good way to become familiar with research is to write your Master’s thesis on one of the topics of a research project. Internationally, the discipline of English philology at Helsinki University is known for the study of the history, variation.

This thesis consists of two parts where Indoor Environmental Quality is studied in the first part by analyzing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and biological contamination levels in floor dust inside an educational building and dwellings within the capital city of Jordan (Amman).

The University of Helsinki is one of the world’s leading multidisciplinary research universities, and ranks amongst the top 20 universities in Europe and top universities worldwide.

You can choose from over 30 globally recognised International Master’s Programmes in English. Students observe examples of Master's theses in the Computer Science Colloquium during the first year of their studies.

After finding a supervisor and a topic, the work is conducted under personal guidance.

University of helsinki master thesis
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