Welcome speech by the principal on sports day

It is often perceived that sports is a complete waste of time and instead, students should utilise their time in learning and studying. Yet, the preparation begins a fortnight ago when the principal announces the date and the entire school gets caught up in frenzy.

The classes and corridors look sparkling clean. This leads to a better understanding among all and a feeling of co-operation is fostered. The teachers to get caught up in the excitement. You should let the guests be aware of what will be happening throughout the day and perhaps mention the staff and volunteers involved in the set up etc.

A child is taught to sharpen his problem solving abilities, take instant decisions, and handle pressure situations while on the field. We would like to welcome our parents for making us great.

TTX Sports day welcome speech? The students in turn perform with great zeal and dedication because their guardians and parents are a part of the audience. The programme ends with the principal reading the annual report and prize distribution to students excelling in academics and co-curricular activities.

It is a great time for the students to interact with each other and with teachers informally. We would like to welcome our non-teaching staff, for their continual and co-operative support, who work hand in hand with us, make us feel relieved, moved a mile towards this great occasion.

Without a balanced approach towards education, a child will only have a lopsided perspective. It also develops the upper body muscles through activities like doing push ups as well the lower body muscles through stationary jumping jacks, 3min running and jumping exercises.

He is shown another perspective to nurture his curiosity and channelize his energy in a positive manner. The students and teachers both keep their eyes wide open for outstanding performances.

Welcome speech on sports day? This event speaks for the commitment that all of us in the school hold for the sport. Heartywelcome to you dear parents.

Sample Speech on Annual Day

What would youtell them about this topic? It builds self esteem. The pots are freshly painted red and the flowers in full bloom make the school garden look extremely pretty.

It is important, because 1. This has led to various lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, heart problems even in kids. In closing, I wish you every success and good health.

The principal and the Chief Guest is then felicitated with flowers and a card. I have known Bryan for 2 years. Well, to get the ball rolling, I deem it as great pleasure and privileged to be in your meaningful company. When a child learns any sports, he is also taught the basics of being a team member and how a match could be won only through team collaboration.

Can you give an example of an inspirational inauguration welcome speech?

But I encourage you to also make the most of this wonderful opportunity to showcase best athletic talent and spirit of comradeship.

Everywhere practices go on. A welcome speech is a speech given by someone in order to welcome someone new into the company, party, organization, school, etc. How can you tell your friend about your feelings?regha a.

c. at the 15th annual inter-house sports competition of the college, holding today, saturday, 16th februaryat the college sports ground It is my pleasure to welcome you all to this great annual event – the 15th Annual Inter-house Sports Competition of.

Welcome Speech Good Morning One and all! Today is a proud day for all the Federalites. This is the morning we all were waiting for! It’s our annual sports meet, another feather in Federal’s hat. Today I am extremely happy to welcome all of you.

Today’s special invitee, Our Chief guest Mrs Sonali Sanade, is with us inspite of her busy schedule/5(12). This is a sample speech on annual day for school and college students. Just like sports and games held all the year round culminate into the sports day, all the co-curricular activities held all through the year crystallize into the Annual Day.

The Annual Day is highly awaited as it is the day is. A welcome speech for a sports day can be a fun way to start theevents of the day. The speaker may give the audience an overview ofall the events to take place and get everyone in the spirit toparticipate.

Welcome Address by Principal on Sports Day. Sample welcome address by principal of school, college on annual sports day for students and parents. Welcome Speech by Principal on Sports Day.

Mar 07,  · UBGoregaon Sports Day Welcome speech by Principal Ma'am Welcome Speech - Head of School - Duration: UB Goregaon Annual Day Show II Welcome Speech by Principal Ma'am.

Welcome speech by the principal on sports day
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