Writing and evaluating expressions lesson plan

What is the order used to solve multi-step problems? We answer any questions and clarify any misunderstanding. So we break it down into pieces together. Susan has c number of cats. Prior Knowledge - the activation of prior knowledge is addressed, in detail, in the Formative Assessment section of this lesson plan.

Writing Algebraic Expressions Day 1 (of 2)

How will the teacher present the concept or skill to students? This resource requires special permission and only certain users have access to it at this time. I ask the students to write up an example of an algebraic expression on a scrap of paper and share with those around them. They will be analyzing phrases and deciding which expression represents that phrase.

I start with simple expressions like 3 - c and then get more complex. The questions must have a math component, but students are reminded that math is part of almost anything - they just have to find it. Especially when they can beat their teacher! I typically ask the same question.

Algebraic Expression Fun Now You Try It 20 minutes Students work with their color group color groups are homogeneous by ability to write and interpret algebraic expressions. Volusia Is this Resource freely Available? If students make a mistake and learn from it, we share this too.

Today students begin to generate a list of questions about our school. I use a gradual release approach to completing this game. Before we do, I explain that today we are going to practice writing and interpreting more expressions.

For example, the word sum indicates to add. These groups are fluid, they are reassigned periodically based on topic, concept and student performance. They can revisit these questions on their own.

For students who are are unable to work at the same pace as other students, modify the summative assessment to odds only, evens only, or a combination of the problems that you want to see them solve.

Then I give the students 3 quiet minutes to list their thoughts. Group Share 5 minutes I bring the students back to their own seats for a group share. Reload the game they played a moment ago.

This is a tough code to crack. Today, I stay with this group for the first 3 questions to ensure the discussion is math based. I put a few examples of my own expressions on the board and ask the student to give it a thumbs up if it is an algebraic expression and a thumbs down if not. Example from Student Journal Launch 5 minutes A numerical expression with variables can be intimidating.

Adding in examples with more than one operation. Students will be able to: I encourage them to extend their understanding by writing their own phrases to create a round of "Numerical Expressions Millionaire", this time writing the algebraic expression and providing choices using English phrases.

Who else uses codes? Students use a resource to look up the meaning of algebraic expression choosing from their text book, other math text books, or use the dictionary. If more than a certain percentage of students gets the right answer, the class gets the point. These lists will remain in the students math journals.

Evaluating Expressions

This game will help us practice finding clues to help us understand the meaning of different expressions. Tell the students that they are going to be playing a game at the beginning and end of class. How can translating verbal situations help us solve math problems? In my classroom the warm up is something to tackle, but not become frustrated with.

This triggers yesterdays discussion about representing multiplication when there is a variable.

Expressions, Phrases and Word Problems, Oh My!

Distribute copies of the assessment to students individually. Before students begin, I remind them that math questions about our school can include time, money, people, area and perimeter, etc. For students who struggle with the clue words, allow them to sit directly in front of the chart paper you created covering the operations and their clue words.This lesson is part of laying the foundation for algebraic thinking, including an understanding that cracking the code can be fun!

Read and write an algebraic expression containing a variable

Students view an algebraic expression as a challenging code Plan your minute lesson in Math or Expressions (Algebra) with helpful tips from Julie Kelley. In this lesson you will learn how to read and write algebraic expressions by using variables.

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Puzzle Mat. This lesson is designed to develop students' ability in writing algebraic expressions and written expressions.

Because of the previous lessons, students will have an easier transition into evaluating algebraic expressions by substitution.

This lesson uses students' prior knowledge of operational clue words and applies it to translating written phrases into algebraic expressions and vice versa, as well as analyzing word problems for key clue words and writing the representative expression.

Lesson Plan Testing Lab Grade 6 Write and Evaluate Expressions Copyright Maryland Public Television Page 2 of 10 then pour milk into the 6 ounce can two times.

Writing and evaluating expressions lesson plan
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